33 1/3 LP – Electro Acoustics Celebrates 33 years!

A Thank You from Electro Acoustics

What is 33 1/3 LP?

With vintage vinyl records making a comeback many of you probably noticed these are labeled 33 1/3 LP.  What does that mean anyway?

In the early years of pressing records, records played at a speed of 78 RPM or (revolutions per minute) and were pressed only on one side.  A record usually contained one recording that lasted just 3-5 minutes.

In 1948, Columbia released a two-sided pressing that played at 33 1/3 RPM and provided 28-30 minutes of recording for a combined hour of long-playing (LP) enjoyment!

August 1, 2017, marked 33 1/3 years of Long Playing enjoyment for Electro Acoustics.  This year our Fort Worth community recognized us with FW Inc’s Entrepreneur of Excellence award, and the Fort Worth Business Press recognized us as the 2017 Family Business of the Year.

Bringing the joy of quality sound, video, and lighting to our community for the last 33 1/3 years gives us the greatest satisfaction!  Now, as another generation of leaders takes the stage in Electro Acoustics, we are excited about the future opportunities to continue serving the community with our extended play (EP) version.

We thank the Fort Worth/Dallas community for your continued faith and trust in our serving your audio, video, and stage lighting needs!

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