Let’s Take This Outside

Let’s Take This Outside!

Value: Opportunity to place outdoor displays/messaging/TV/Wayfinding safely in the Texas weather

Application: Any venue with outdoor spaces –Hospitality, Retail, Civic, Convention Centers, Town Centers

There is no reason to keep all this cool A/V technology inside! Samsung has developed a line of displays made for harsh outside Texas weather conditions.  These outdoor displays are fully weatherproof, shatterproof (think hail), spray paint proof (you just wipe off the paint), vibration proof AND these displays are designed for 24/7 operation!  Peerless has developed some great looking display mounts for these to be mounted directly to the concrete in a very clean and secure enclosure.  Advertisements and messages can be e-mailed directly to the display from anywhere in the world!

These outdoor displays are great for directions, advertising, watching TV, and messaging.  These would work great for outdoor patios, pavilions, or town squares.

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