You Never Forget your First Kiss…or Customer

You never forget your first kiss… or customer! I certainly did not forget mine!

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wedgwood, Texas was my first project when I started Electro Acoustics 33 years ago.  I felt I was in over my head and it seemed as big as a stadium project!  I sold my Pontiac Grand Prix, bought a handful of tools from a pawn shop, and a used white cargo van.  Richard Boner from Austin, Texas had designed the system and I was totally intimidated to have him inspect my work.

Working with Richard Boner was an eye opening experience. I marveled at his skill in tuning sound systems.  We became friends and remain good friends to this day.  Bill Johnson of  Acoustic Design Associates was the project acoustician and Michal Hoffer (now of HHS Architects) was a draftsman for Jackson Ayers architects.  Richard, Bill, Michael, and I continue to work on many projects together.  One of our engineers, Steve Burge, was the electrician on the project.

Believe it or not, that original sound system continued to faithfully work for the last 33 years!  The church called the Electro Acoustic office last summer not realizing we were the original installer.  We designed a new system for them and received the contract last fall.

The new system utilizes EAW speakers and a Yamaha digital mixing console.  The sound is much better than before and they are delighted with all the new features the digital console has to offer- including wireless iPad control.  It was so fun to have a chance to upgrade Electro Acoustic’s very first project!  Perhaps we will have a chance to upgrade it again in another 33 years, after all, I will only be 93 years young then.

-Chris Jordan, President and Chief Steward of Electro Acoustics