Value: Modern work space utilizing technology ( BYOD ) to create an interactive and productive meeting or training space

Application: Museums, Hospitality, Corporate, Education

It’s time to wirelessly connect your device for collaboration (aka BYOD – bring your own device) during your next meeting! Companies such as WE Present have created wireless systems which allow up to 64 devices at one time to connect for meetings, conferences, training, etc. Collaborating and sharing information to assist meeting attendees retain information has never been easier.

Having the ability to BYOD to a meeting will allow you and others to share files, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, videos, and any other item on your devices to others in the meeting. The information on your device can be shared on a monitor, other people’s devices, touch screen monitors, projector screens, and even interactive whiteboards. If more than one person needs to share their device at one time, that is great! Up to 4 screens can be shared at the same time.

Let’s talk about the on board tools that are designed to make meetings and trainings much more productive! Some of the tools to note are the on screen annotation and WebSlides. These allow meeting attendees to save the information you are sharing, including markups, for later use and notes when needed.

All of these tools are going to make meetings much more productive. That means that meetings may get a bit more exciting! In addition to technology, room acoustics and noise migration will become very important.  Acoustical wall treatments greatly reduce echo within the huddle space, and good acoustical design prevents conversations from your meeting area disturbing others outside of that space.

Let us collaborate with you on your next project using the latest AV design trends!

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