Dallas, Texas

Spring Valley United Methodist Church

Built in the 1960s, Spring Valley United Methodist Church in Dallas had a sound system that left room for substantial improvement. The lighting was very poor, there were many shadows in the choir and light bulbs were unreachable for replacement. Electro Acoustics was brought in to provide service on the existing system and to ensure its performance for years to come.

In 2012 the church decided to remodel and refresh the sanctuary. The church asked us to design and provide solutions for the remodeled sanctuary based on the excellent service and support Electro Acoustics provided them for many years.

Electro Acoustics designers developed solutions using a Strand lighting system that gave beautiful light for the stage, which also provided control for the new LED houselights for a unified control system. Panasonic HD projectors provided excellent quality video and Electro Voice EVA stereo line arrays, located behind the acoustically transparent screens, are invisible but yield beautiful sound quality. The new Yamaha digital console provides a level of control the church needed to get the most out of their music program.

The church has been delighted with the improvements and has become a source of continual referrals.

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