There are no two projects alike, and we at Electro Acoustics want you to know that each project is special to us. We design each project to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on finishing each project within your budget, within the deadline and above your standards. Upon completion, your customized product should be above and beyond your idea of what an A/V/L system should be. We provide the tools and training you need to utilize your new system to its full potential, because when you’re blown away, your audience is blown away, and that’s what keeps them coming back!

What we do


Our experience in audio extends to all areas including performing arts, live event, recording and production, drama, speech and presentation, audio conferencing, and music distribution. Through our Total Project Management (TPM) program, we also address room acoustics, noise control and sound dynamics.


Video has been brought into the digital age and now the majority of the video signals are captured, managed and reproduced in digital and high definition formats. In light of this transition, we offer design, engineering and installation of rear projection, front projection, flat panel display, and video-wall systems. Additionally, we offer video production, web streaming and video capture systems, digital signage and information systems, presentation systems and video conferencing, and collaboration systems. We partner with light control professionals and IT management professionals as part of our TPM program to ensure brilliant video quality.


The most critical area of audio system design and engineering for maximizing a performance is acoustics.

Theatrical Lighting

Electro Acoustics provides design and installation of theatrical and stage lighting systems. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to provide a fully integrated system that not only controls the stage lighting, but a fully integrated house lighting system as well. Custom programmed architectural controls provide room access and simplified presets.

Control Systems

Control systems are used to simplify the operation of complex systems. Whether a part-time system operator for a worship performing arts system or a sales professional making a presentation to a client, ease of system operation is critical to the success of the operator. Control systems can be automated or interactive, depending on the needs of the client.

Customer Support

Support of the systems once they are installed and commissioned is the most challenging factor for the system owners. While the technology is very reliable, component servicing and system support will always be necessary. The level of support that we offer to our clients includes the most critical issue of system performance and value: operator training.

Customer Support

Electro Acoustics has garnered a reputation for exceptional performance on world class projects, but what if you need service, support, or a small addition to your system? We have created the Customer Support team to provide service, upgrades, and design/installation for just this need. No customer or project is unimportant; allow us to serve your needs, no matter how small they are.

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