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For 31 years, Electro Acoustics has been bringing audio and visual perfection to audiences in landmark venues across Texas. Each project is custom-made to fit the location’s specific needs and to add a pulse to the structure. We want your audiences not to just see and hear the performances, but to feel them. From small-room acoustics to stadium speakers to lighting controls, Electro Acoustics is here to serve you and your team with experience, courtesy and respect.




" Electro acoustics really was a group that we thought we wanted to be brothers with. "Ross Bailey,

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Wilshire Baptist Church

featured work

The Gatehouse in Grapevine

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Levitt Pavilion

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Can I Be Open with You?

Can I Be Open with You? Value: Speech privacy in open concept spaces Application: Corporate, Office, Medical, Retail, Hospitality Certainly NOT words you want to hear!  Especially in an open office plan with our co-workers arou

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Frogs jump on latest video technology

Let’s Take a Leap into the Pond with the Frogs: A Preview into the Technologies at the Newly Renovated Schollmaier Arena at TCU We have already shown you a snippet into TCU’s commitment to its basketball programs and fan exper

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