Can I Be Open with You?

Can I Be Open with You?

Value: Speech privacy in open concept spaces

Application: Corporate, Office, Medical, Retail, Hospitality

Certainly NOT words you want to hear!  Especially in an open office plan with our co-workers around.  The current trend in office design is VERY open office plans that are designed to allow as much natural light in as possible.  The “Cube Farm” has gone away, but so has any expectation of speech privacy or freedom from distraction.  Distraction results in a loss of productivity and stress in relationships.

Electro Acoustics can change this!  Yamaha has developed cutting edge technologies that use environmental noise through speakers to add pleasant “noise” to the background to increase speech privacy and help mitigate distracting conversations from co-workers.  Although this is not a new concept, as noise masking has been around a long time, Yamaha has created a new breakthrough by using environmental sound mixed with masking noise.  This means that forest sounds, seascapes, office sounds, and traffic noise can be used.  Yamaha claims this environmental noise is much more acceptable and can be played up to 10dB louder than older versions of masking noise.  With this newer version of the technology higher quality speakers are used and optional background music can even be added to the mix!

In addition to this technology office acoustics, surface materials, and noise from mechanical systems need to be considered.  We can assist with those as well!

Please give us a call to help with your next office or medical exam/counseling room project.  We would be delighted to help!