TCU: Amon Carter Stadium

Electro Acoustics has been providing audiovisual systems for the Texas Christian University campus for more than 20 years. TCU has come to depend on the quality, service and support we are known for. The Amon Carter Stadium sound system, designed by Acoustic Dimensions of Dallas, is the largest, most powerful sound system in Fort Worth. During each game the 10,000 pounds of speakers flank the scoreboard to help put the fear of the Frog into their opponents.

Linked together with fiber optics, the state-of-the-art Crown Amplifier system and BSS Digital processors are all computer-controlled. In addition to the sound system, Electro Acoustics installed a video broadcast cabling system, video display systems and paging/distribution systems.

Every game you will find a team of purple-clad Electro Acoustics technicians ensuring the game day operations are flawless.
Electro Acoustics is proud to be a Horned Frog-owned company.