Let’s Bend the Rules, Ditch Fixed Formats, and Brighten Things Up

Value: Unlimited design possibilities for displaying information-any shape, size, or type of surface you can imagine

Application: Entertainment Venues, Museums, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate

We would like to share with you some great new tools for A/V!  Displays no longer have to be flat or rectangular.  New direct view LED panels from Pixel-Flex can be easily applied to curved surfaces including concave, convex and complex curves!  One model is made from a flexible rubber substrate and is magnetically applied to a sheet metal surface which makes any size, shape, and resolution is available.  LED displays can now be applied to a dome, sphere, S-curve, or most anything you can imagine.  They can be vertical, horizontal, or even tiled.  The possibilities are almost endless!

Let us tell you how bright these displays are! The days of projectors and a darkened room for presentations are over. These displays that can be any shape or size you could possibly imagine can, most importantly, be exceptionally bright. Please keep the lights on for your next presentation! These displays do not have a gloss finish so there is no glare from windows or lights.

In addition to this we also provide new solutions for outdoor displays, mirror displays, and cutting edge technology speech privacy systems.

Our clients often think of us as the really big system company (and we love doing those) but we are also just as reliable for smaller commercial projects like conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, restaurants, and retail.  We bring our big-boy expertise to all of our projects regardless what size they are.

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