Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall Who Has the Coolest Display of Them All?

Value: Innovative/Striking way of displaying information on LED mirror display, using motion and vivid use of color to catch attention of viewers

Application: Convention Centers, Coliseums, Performance Halls, Retail, Hospitality

Our trip to InfoComm answered that question with “Samsung Mirror Displays”. The actual surface of this mirror IS the display and is very bright, vivid, and colorful!  It can be a mirror with no display or a stunning display full of motion and information.  Imagine this with a motion sensor that activates the display when you walk up to it!  So many possibilities!

This mirror display technology could easily be used in the lobby of a performance hall, retail, restaurant, lobby, or even a very high-end dressing room.  Please take a look at some of the previous creative tools we brought back from InfoComm:  Sound Masking & Weatherproof Outdoor Displays

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